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Google Maps how to disable scrolling on iframes

Disable the mouse scroll wheel zoom on embedded Google Map iframes

October 13, 2016

Do Google Maps iframes get in the way of you scrolling through your website? Currently if you’re using Google Maps…

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How to Increase the Menu Items Limit In WordPress

February 8, 2016

Have you reached the max items menu limit on WordPress? When you add more than a certain amount of menu…

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Cloudflare flexible ssl https

How to Setup CloudFlare Flexible SSL for WordPress

December 22, 2015

As we all know Google has announced that it will be counting HTTPS as a ranking factor now. That means…

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How To Remove Category From Your URLs In WordPress

August 16, 2015

I was trying to work out how to remove /category/ from my category URLs and I just couldn’t seem to…

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stop google analytics referral spam

Campaign Source Filter Google Analytics

June 26, 2015

Using a Campaign Source Filter is great for blocking spam referrals quickly, but if your looking for something more maintainable…

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stop google analytics referral spam

How To Stop Referral Spam In Google Analytics

March 3, 2015

To make the most of you your Google Analytics data you need to extract the referral spam. This article shows you step by step how to clean up your referrals and keep out those spam bots.

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